Kontagent Adds Real Time Monitoring To Facebook Analytics Platform

Kontagent, an fbFund winner and social analytics platform, is adding real time functionality to its social application monitoring system.

Kontagent’s platform gives Facebook app developers, game studios and publishers detailed data of demographics based on geographic location, age groups, gender, user engagement times, social event interaction and other variables. The new version allows developers to track and optimize advertising efforts, user virality, in-app mechanics, virtual goods, currency monetization, and more.

Now, social application developers can gain real-time insights into the behavior and activities of their social applications. Currently, the application monitoring system is regularly processing 10,000 social events per second and growing to tens of thousands a second. One of the virtues of using Kontagent’s real-time platform is that developers can detect technical problems with code release errors or system issues almost instantly.

The company seems to be growing fast—Kontagent is now tracking over 100 million monthly active users and over 15 billion messages per month. Its monthly active user base by over 300% in the past 12 months and counts a number of well known game developers as clients, including EA, Sony, Ubisoft, Take2, THQ, Konami, Perfect World, Gaia and Tencent.