Going Green: 100W Light Bulbs To Be Phased Out In California This Year


If there were a superhero who was powered by 100W lightbulbs it’s safe to say his days of fighting crime in California are over. The state will end the sale of 100W light bulbs after the current supply has been exhausted. It’s part of the federal Energy Independence Act and Security Act of 2007. Silly name aside, the law will go into effect in the coming years across the country.

Why are we banning 100W light bulbs? To conserve energy, of course, in order to make us energy independent. Green, if you will. Hmm.

What it will do is lessen the amount of electricity we consume. The California Energy Commission says the elimination of the 100W bulb will save Californians some $35.6 million.

Once they’ve eliminated 100W bulbs, people will initially be pushed toward 72W bulbs. We’ll have moved all the way down to 40W bulbs by 2014.