Microsoft Announces Some New Mice: Express Mouse And Comfort Mouse

Microsoft released some new mice today with some pretty direct names: Express Mouse and Comfort Mouse. I’d have gone with Magic Mouse, but Apple probably already took that.

Express Mouse

The Express Mouse is for people who don’t like replacing batteries and instead like wired mice. Not too sure who would want a wired mouse (but one of the colors is Flint, MI Grey). The price for the Express Mouse is only $19.99 and we’ll see them in April along with five other colors.

Comfort Mouse

Next, we got some more wired mice. Comfort Mouse 3000 is for righties and lefties and the 6000 is for righties only — too bad Flanders. The 3000 is simple, unlike the 6000 which has thumb buttons for page back/forward.

You can find out more on Microsoft’s Blog.