CueThat: Add Any Movie On The Web To Your Netflix Queue

The good people at Big Kitty Labs—a cadre of Central Ohio rapid prototypers whose various projects more resemble real products than prototypes—bring us yet another tool to make life easier…enter CueThat. CueThat is a browser plugin and bookmarklet that allows you to automagically add any movie title you find on the web to your Netflix queue. After you link the plugin to your Netflix account, it takes about 60 seconds or less to sync any new title you highlight and “Cue” with the plugin. It worked fine for me in Chrome browser and even sniffs out duplicates so you can’t add something twice. Bravo!

You may remember these guys from their previous apps like ChumpDump and ParsePlz. I love the way they think quickly and creatively to solve real UX problems in a couple of days instead of a couple of months. This is a great addition to their swiftly increasing number of relevant products.