Next New Networks SEC Filing Pretty Much Confirms YouTube Buyout

While Google’s YouTube is reportedly in talks to buy Web content producer Next New Networks, the New York-based startup has just filed with the SEC in relation to $19.4 million in equity financing.

NNN also raised $1 million in debt funding last year right when those YouTube acquisition rumors started swirling. Here’s what I wrote back then:

The potential acquisition of NNN, which also manages a network of independent filmmakers alongside producing its own channels, would give YouTube its first step into producing Web videos in-house.

This would be not only a shot in the arm for the video sharing site proper – upping its ability to squeeze more advertising dollars out of the popular service – but also for Google TV.

According to the WSJ, a deal between YouTube and Next New Networks worth ‘tens of millions of dollars’ could be announced in the coming week.

Indeed, there’s this noteworthy statement in the filing:

The securities contained within this filing were offered and issued in connection with several distinct transactions between 2007 and 2010. No individual offering lasted more than one year.

Since the date of first sale was in May 2007, and the filing is marked to come in relation to the acquisition of securities, I believe it pretty much confirms the Google-NNN deal is done.

We’ll update with more information as soon as possible.

NNN investors include Fuse Capital, Spark Capital, Saban Capital Group and Goldman Sachs.