Crysis 2 Dev Build Leaks

It would appear that Crysis 2 for the PC has leaked in some capacity. A quick look at some of the more popular sites when it comes to this kind of thing suggests that many thousands of people have no problem downloading Crytek’s unfinished game, which is due for release next month. Well, was due for release next month—who knows how this leak will affect development?

You’ll find no links here, of course, but the fact that such a big game leaked weeks before its intended release date is certainly worth mentioning as a news item.

According to various threads I’ve been reading, the game is absolutely playable and includes the CryEngine 3 editor.

Needless to say, this isn’t probably what the folks at Crytek (or EA) had in mind for their weekend.

It’s not rare for games to leak a few days before their official release date (and these are usually plain ol’ retail copies), but well over a month? There’s trouble afoot, that’s for sure.