Pico Projectors Aren't Far Off From Next-gen Smartphones

We’ve talked about pico projectors quite a bit. Right now, there’s nothing terribly exciting about them; the images are dim and projectors themselves aren’t small enough to be super useful. We know that pico projector integration into smartphones is imminent, but when?

Starting next week at MWC, a new pico projector developed by STMicroelectronics and bTendo will be on display. The overall volume of the projector is less than 2.5 cubic cm and shorter than 6mm. This very small projector should be able to render more vivid color and sharper images than current-gen projectors.

According to the CEO of bTendo, Dana Gross, the projector will be able to display high-res movie clips on any surface. Right now we are sure on specific like resolution and brightness, but if the technology is really that small and competent, then we could see more pico projectors making their way into smartphones very soon.