Look Vic Gundotra, Nokia CEO Stephen Elop Can Also Tweet Cryptically!

Google VP Vic Gundotra raised some eyebrows with his apparently ‘brilliant’ tweet commenting on the Nokia / Microsoft partnership that was announced this morning.

#feb11 “Two turkeys do not make an Eagle”, the man tweeted. Yes, well, Gundotra, Nokia CEO Stephen Elop says two bicycle makers from Dayton, Ohio, one day decided to fly.

Nokia has confirmed to me that the tweet was posted on Elop’s real Twitter account – it looked legit enough, but you never know. Obviously, the tweet refers to the famous Wright brothers, who started out retailing and manufacturing bicycles before moving on to airplanes.

I’m sure I won’t be the only one noting that one of those brothers died at a relatively young age (45), though I’m pretty sure that’s not the message Elop wanted to convey.

Now someone please organize a panel featuring both gentlemen – I’m sure having both former Microsoft execs on one stage would turn out to become one phenomenally quotable event.

Via Mobile Tech World and Engadget.