Panasonic Shows Advanced Fuel Cell For Home Use

IThe news has become muted regarding fuel cells and their future role in energy supply in recent years, but it seems we’re getting there step by step: Panasonic today said that it has developed a new type of home-use fuel cell [press release in English], which is more efficient and cheaper than its existing solutions.

Created in cooperation with major Japanese energy company Tokyo Gas, Panasonic’s new Ene-Farm fuel cell boasts an energy conversion efficiency of 40%, which is the world’s highest (according to the companies involved in the development). Panasonic’s previous offering just reached an efficiency of 37%.

This new model features a power output of 250 to750W, and it and needs just 2sqm for installation, slashing the footprint of existing offerings by about 50%. It cuts primary energy consumption approximately 35% and CO2 emissions by around 48%.

Panasonic also says that the new Ene-Farm can help an average Japanese family reduce electricity bills by $600 to $725 per year. Partner Tokyo Gas will start selling the fuel cell in Japan on April for between $14,000 and $17,000 (after government subsidies), which is 30% cheaper than existing fuel cells.