Finally! Sonos To Release Android Controller App In March

Ah, Sonos. Once you’ve tried it you never go back. The trouble was that it used to cost thousands of dollars to get your home set up to stream music from any wifi connected hard drive to the Sonos speakers. Here’s my Sonos review from way back in 2006.

Then things started to happen. Most notably they released the Sonos ZonePlayer S5, a lower cost Sonos device that could be controlled via an iPhone or iPod Touch. And, last year, they finally had an iPad controller app.

But nothing for Android. Always promised in the near future, but we had to wait. And wait.

And now the wait is over. Sonos says the Android app will be released in March. Details here.

There are some nifty feature that the iOS folks don’t get. Deeper hardware integration allows you to control the volume on Sonos devices via the physical volume buttons on your Android phone, for example.

“We think we make the best wireless music system for the iPhone. Now we make the best wireless music system for the Android, too,” says Sonos marketing director Thomas Meyer.

Good times.