Shoot The Web With A Stolen Game By M&Ms – UPDATE

Yeah, this is some viral marketing BS but it is, to be fair, fun. M&Ms in Denmark have prepared a violent game involving two M&Ms who move through the Internet, destroying things like a pair of bulbous Natural Born Killers.

How does it work? It’s basically a bookmarklet available here that you drag to your bookmarks bar and run when you hit a particularly graphics-heavy web page. Then these two mini-Kalis will fly through your web page, laying waste to all that exists.

And remember, kids, next time you think of M&Ms you should think of intergalactic warfare.

UPDATE – The best thing? They stole it from an 18-year-old kid.

I dropped Erik, the creator of Kick Ass, a line. I’d like to see if they actually paid him for the game/idea.