Sony Announces 3 New BRAVIA TVs (That Are Not 3D)

Sony announced [JP] three new BRAVIA-branded TVs today, and – big surprise – none of them are 3D-capable. The main selling point here is that all models come with a built-in 500GB HDD and allow users to transfer content from the hard disc to external HDDs via USB.

The flagship model, the 40-inch KDL-40EX52H (pictured above), also features an LED edge-lit display with full HD resolution, a double digital TV tuner, Ethernet, 10W×2ch speakers, and 3 HDMI ports (price: $1,800).

Sony also announced two more basic models, the 32-inch KDL-32EX42H (pictured above) and the 22-inch KDL-22EX42H. These models share the main features of the big-size BRAVIA, but their screen only features 1,366×768 resolution (prices: $1,340 for the 32-incher and $1,100 for the 22-inch TV).

Sony plans to roll out all three models in Japan on March 20.