Myriad's "Alien Dalvik" Brings Android Apps To Non-Android Phones (Video)


You wanted to buy an Android phone, but noooooo. “The N900 is the future, man!” promised that one dude from your wife’s IT department who seems to know his stuff when he’s not busy hitting on your wife or complaining about Firefly getting cancelled.

Flash forward a year and a half. Between the shaky economy and your unshakable stubbornness, you’re still stuck with the N900. You’ve hacked MeeGo onto it — but still, it’s just not Android.

Enter Myriad’s “Alien Dalvik”. It’s not a port of Android for the N900 (those already exist!), but it’s the next best thing: a wrapper for Android applications that allows them to run on Non-Android devices. Myriad says Alien Dalvik “enables the majority of Android applications to run unmodified”, going so far as to suggest that App Store Operators boost their numbers “by simply repackaging Android Package (APK) files.”

Alien Dalvik will debut on MeeGo sometime later this year, with support for other (unnamed) platforms coming in the months thereafter. No word yet on just how they plan to charge for this, but we expect to hear more at Mobile World Congress next week.