Today Is The Day You Become A Man: Hand-Welded AT-AT Available For $450

Conceptually, this AT-AT made of old computer parts is amazing. It’s well-detailed, includes real battle scarring, and it looks like it could stand in for one of the AT-ATs in the second Star Wars movie, The Wrath of Kahn. Practically, however, I worry that this $450 model – available now on Etsy in a limited edition of 1 – is really a make or break situation for a collector. Do you buy this and accept that you will no longer see a member of the opposite sex in the nude? Or do you let it go, secure in the knowledge that one day your offspring will drive their own AT-ATs through the snow fields of Klingon, at least on the holodeck.

I also wonder why the Empire decided to make AT-ATs. Why four legs? Why not a big tank? Wouldn’t a conveyance that was flatter to the ground offer more stability? And why is Luke’s blood green? So many questions, so few obsessives to call me out in furious anger in comments correcting my every, trolling mistake.

via Technabob