Motorola Xoom Will Cost $800 And Require A Data Plan, Says Leaked Best Buy Ad

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When we first saw of the Motorola Xoom at CES, we thought and said good things. How could you go wrong with a dual-core full Honeycomb tablet? Then we heard rumors that Motorola wanted to sell a lot, so that got us thinking that the price would be competitive. Then we started seeing rumors of an $800 price tag, and that made us sad. And now it has been all but confirmed that it will cost $800 when it shows up February 24th. A leaked Best Buy ad shares the Xoom’s price along with some interesting, but odd, news.

The ad showing the $800 price tag also mentions some sort of Wifi lockdown of the device. The ad says:

To activate WiFi functionality on this device, a minimum of one month data subscription is required.

So, in order to get the features we pay for initially, we have to have a data subscription with Verizon for at least a month? Thanks, but no thanks, Best Buy. We’re hoping that this is just some scam that only Best Buy is doing and that other retailers are just selling the Xoom — $800 plus a data plan makes me want to buy a Mifi and an iPad (Wifi-only).

[via intomobile]

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