Moto Xoom Tablet Coming February 24th?

The Motorola Xoom has made the rounds to various events, but Moto has yet to reveal the price or release date. But a Grand Rapids, Michigan Best Buy might have just ruined the surprise party. According to a post on their Facebook page, the tablet will hit their store on the 2/24. Now this doesn’t specifically mean that the Xoom’s official release date is the same as Verizon stores could get it a bit earlier, but at least it’s coming this month. For how much, though?

It was first shown at CES where it was the headliner for all things Android 3.0. Then just earlier this week, Google used a few Xoom tablets during the Honeycomb developer’s event. Yet Motorola kept to themselves, not stating when the tablet was coming or how much it would cost. Chances are the former of those two would be determined by suppliers and manufacturers while the pricing could still be a game-time decision since Motorola knew the Xoom wasn’t dropping immediately after its debut. They wanted to see what others were going to do. [Facebook via Droid-Life]