Junaio Brings Augmented Reality Superbowl Fun

Some would argue that Augmented Reality has been a part of televised sporting events for some time. Indeed, we have come to rely on those virtual first down overlays when watching an NFL game. But USA Today and Metaio have partnered to bring a different kind of AR goodness to the Smartphone owners out there itching for additional content related to the biggest U.S. sporting event of the year.

On Friday, February 4th, using Metaio’s Augmented Reality Smartphone browser called Junaio, fans can experience a 360 degree view from inside Dallas Cowboys Stadium in the comfort of their own home or office cubicle. Then, on Monday February 7th—after the Superbowl—fans can use their Smartphone again to view a special photo in USA Today in order to watch a 3D animated recap of the “play of the game”.

This video, showing some of the experiences,  is worth watching just to hear Jerry Jones express his excitement.

More info and instructions are here: