Colbert On Sponsor Bing Copying Google: "hiybbprqag" Is A Word Meaning "You Got Served."

The Google/Bing fight over search results-stealing has gone from inspiring jokes like this one on Twitter all the way to Comedy Central’s “The Colbert Report” last night, where Stephen Colbert took advertiser Bing to the mattresses regarding the news that the search engine had been caught copying Google’s results. “For the first time ever, someone’s search history has been busted for something other than porn,” Colbert said.

Riffing on the ridiculous synthetic search terms that Google used to entrap Bing (searches like “hiybbprqag,” “juegosdeben1ogrande,” “jiudgefallon,” “indoswiftjobinproduction,””mbzrxpgjys” and “delhipublicschool40 chdjob”) Colbert went out of his way to call out Microsoft,¬†“Apparently ‘hiybbprqag’ is a word meaning ‘You got served.'”

You can read the Danny Sullivan post that started this mess here.

Also, in the same vein.

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