Apple Patents More Stuff It Will Never Implement

Two new patents show us a “graphics pen” for the iPad and a built-in iPad stand designed to pop out of the back of the device. While the images are kind of cute, I doubt Apple will ever implement these fairly kludge-y solutions.

The first is a new pen solution that adds touch sensitivity to various parts of a device including the bezel. The second patent is a little spring-loaded leg that pops out like Optimus Prime’s nipple.

Both of these solutions have already been implemented in other devices and Apple’s decision to patent them is interesting in an intellectual way but probably will never make it to market. There are plenty of stylus solutions for OS X right now including Wacom tablets for actual drawing. Then, when you consider the absolute wealth of stands and cases for the iPad right now, it doesn’t make much sense to add something that will break off the back of the device.