Live Facebook Press conference: Check-in Deals launches in Europe

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Facebook is today launching ‘Places Deals’ in the UK and Europe. Facebook users will be able to get discounts and special deals in shops, cafes and restaurants by checking in on Facebook Places on their smartphone.

We’re live broadcasting the press conference above.

The Telegraph broke an early story on this this morning.

‘Places Deals’ launched in the US last November with Macys, Gap and Starbucks.

European partners will be: Starbucks, Yo Sushi, Mazda (Mazda 20% off an MX5), O2, Argos, Debenhams, Alton Towers and Benetton.

Live now in Germany, France, Italy, Spain.

  • Brad Tribbeck

    Everybody is getting in on the daily deals!

    • Damien

      Last time I checked, UK was part of Europe…

  • Daniel Brown

    Not sure how many places i’m prepared to check into on Facebook. My friends already give me stick for posting too much stuff. Quite like my location app in a separate place at the moment. i.e. Foursq. Might change in the future

    • Facebook Purity

      tell them to install FB Purity, it lets you filter out message types that you dont want to see in your newsfeed, including Facebook Places check-ins :

  • Janelle Blythe

    Sounds great. Still waiting to get places in NZ :-(

  • Jimmy Wirsborg

    Man sound is awesomely bad..
    Anyone got a proper feed?

  • Anton Gaming Edge

    CAn you ask her to speak up?

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  • Matt Holmes

    why do people in the press conference keep comparing it to groupon??? it’s completely different

  • Michael


  • James Whatley

    Less Groupon, more Foursquare…

    PS Mike, listening to you mutter/grumble ‘Sigh, it’s *not* GROUPON’ was a definite highlight ;)

  • Dave

    Mike you are so rude!

  • Steve Jarrett

    Here at MePlease, we agree that Facebook Deals is a great way to start a mobile conversation with customers BUT everyone should remember that Facebook will retain all of the demographic data of users who check-in and like your places and deals.

    Thus, if businesses only provide a page and a Deal, they will have access only to an anonymous summary of that data and nothing more. This means that the conversation remains a one-to-many broad reaching communication that is generic and fairly anonymous.

    Although Facebook Deals will reach the early adopters willing to check-in at a place, it will not give businesses and marketers what they really want, which is better understanding of individual customers and their friends. We think it’s necessary to develop a strategy that ties social media and mobile together and keeps Facebook Deals as a component of that strategy – as a way to start initial conversations with customers.

    Also, at the moment Facebook Deals only allows you to offer one deal at a time, which means you can’t run different deals in different places and are very limited in scope of what you can offer to customers.

    I’m sure this will evolve as the weeks progress, but the pitfalls can’t be ignored!

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  • Jason

    It’s pretty quiet…Mike, get closer – (remember police academy?)

  • adelyn ybanez

    deal or no deal,,,,,,,

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  • Anonymous

    A more appropriate title could have been “Facebook Deals launches in UK,Germany, France, Italy, Spain” or “Facebook Deals launches in some parts of Europe”.

    Europe consists of at least 40 more countries. I don’t understand why they don’t launch it globally straight away? Is infrastructure and scaling a problem?

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  • Phil

    Still no places here? :(

  • Laurence Moore

    would of been good to start filming when someone reaches the podium.

  • Lara O'Reilly

    Just a quick point: Marketing Week actually broke the story on Friday afternoon

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