Another Day, Another Desk-Mounted Rocket Launcher

Say, for example, you’re a self-styled office despot. Grown men fear you, women are in awe of your power, and children cower at your feet (all of this is in your head and your co-workers actually hate you, but pay that no mind). What can you do to add that delicate touch of insanity to your already vicious reign? Desk mounted ordnance, that’s what.

That’s where the $39 Brando USB Thunder Missile Launcher comes in. Sadly, these little missiles carry no payload except your dignity but they do add some wild audio effects to your already insane sense of self worth. Not only are you a god, you are also annoyingly armed.

Contains 4 foam missiles
Powered by USB
Software with optional sound effects and left, right, up and down control capabilities
Compatible with Windows 7/ Vista / XP SP2 or later
Dimension: 170 x 90 x 125mm (approx.)
Weight: 354g

Sadly, there’s no OS X support, which is odd because most desktop despots probably use a Mac.