Referral Platform Zferral Acquires SaaS App Store Cloudomatic

Web-based affiliate management system and “incentive engine” Zferral has bought SaaS web app store Cloudomatic for cash and equity. Cloudomatic was founded by OnSwipe co-founders Jason Baptiste and Andres Barreto, who will continue on as advisors. The price of the acquisition was not disclosed.

Says Barreto,

“There is a huge pain point for web app and SaaS companies when it comes to distribution, there is no doubt that referral and affiliate systems are by far one of the most efficient customer acquisition strategies, we are very excited to see how zferral’s growth is taking this to next level, making it very easy for any SaaS company to get up and running with their referral program”

In conjunction with the acquisition, Zferral will also integrate with billing startup Chargify to enable Chargify customers to easily create and manage billing for their affiliate programs.

Zferral has seen a 380% paid subscriber increase in the past month and is projecting further growth. And CEO Jeff Epstein is still on the look out for talent, noting that the company is still “aggressively seeking awesome people.”

So if you’re awesome, watch your back. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.