The Elusive White iPhone Appears On The German Apple Website [Update: Pulled!]

Quick! Before it’s gone! Click over to the German Apple iPhone 4 vs iPhone 3GS page to see a pic of the white iPhone 4. It’s a tad small, but you get the idea. It’s just another piece of evidence in the developing case that the white iPhone is finally nearing release.

The phone was originally supposed to be release in the weeks following the iPhone 4’s launch date. But then it was pushed back. Again. And again. Until it was finally pulled completely from Apple’s website. Now a report surfaced claiming a new “miracle painting material” solved the previous issue.

The snow white iPhone is still no where to be found on the US Apple website. Even pics of it with bumpers were pulled weeks ago. But this little pic, buried in a random, but still official, section of the iPhone’s product pages suggests that it might be coming after all.

Still, one question remains: Will Verizon get the white iPhone?

[Thanks for the tip, Josi!]

Update: That was fast. Minutes after posting, the whole section shown in the screenshot above of the translated German site disappeared! It’s a slippery devil.