goes from zero to 1 million unique visitors in 6 days

You’ve got to hand it to Alex Tew. The guy who came up with the MillionDollarHomePage to fund his university education, flamed out with another idea, and came back with another, still has a feel for the zeitgeist. I would not call him a traditional startup guy – more a creative working in the mass medium of the web.

His latest cleverly conceived idea, literally titled DoNothingFor2minutes, where you must not move the mouse of touch the keyboard for 2 minutes as an antidote for internet addiction, has become an internet property in it’s own right.

As you can see from the below, the site has gone from zero to 1 million unique visitors in 6 days, according to Tew, with the average time on site being 46 secs, or 836,401 minutes (580 days) of… nothing. It’s also been Re-tweeted 18,424 times.

Now clearly, this can’t last. Perhaps people will do it once and just not come back. But as a concept it is witty – and I still have the sound of the waves crashing on the shore playing the background as I write this post, so there is perhaps something else to be thought about here. Dwell time and engagement are two things web startups love, and Tew seems to have the knack of creating it.