Video: Ben Heck Dazzles & Creates Mobile Phone Charger Powered By Kinetic Energy

Ben Heck, the engineering whiz who makes genuinely useful stuff for the lot of us, has a new device that may interest you Android fans in the crowd. It’s a mobile phone charger that works using the mighty power of kinetic energy, the energy of motion. What a pleasant man this Ben Heck is.

The first iteration of the mobile charger works with a simple hand crank. In case you find yourself on a deserted island, as Mr. Heck[endorn] tells us, all you have to do is crank away. Almighty electricity!

The second iteration uses the power of the locomotion of your legs. (Note: this will require walking, so be sure to ask your doctor before performing any new exercise regiment.)

Does it work? Tune in to find out~!

And yes, you can win the charger by entering some sort of contest, which is sorta like a bonus.