Audi A6 Will Be Launched With Internet-Powered Nav, Google Maps And Inrix For Traffic

Audi was once known as the German car that came with all-wheel-drive. That notoriety is changing and Audi is becoming a huge player in the tech game; their interfaces are fantastic and run with exceptional speed and style. And now, they are bringing the internet to their navigations systems: the Google maps of navs, if you will.

With the new A6, Audi plans to integrate internet delivered traffic, rather than satellite, from sources like Inrix and Google Maps. Unlike previous systems powered by Sirius Traffic, the new internet-based systems can tell traffic information every 20-30 feet, rather that the old mile-by-mile. This is increasingly important in urban areas with many traffic lights — instead of knowing which block of blocks are slow, you will now be able to zero in down to the block.

With all this information comes great direction. The nav system in the Audi will now take you through the fastest route — perfect for getting in and out of cities with ease.

The system is launching with the name Audi Online Services and will use a data plan to to deliver traffic, road conditions and other information to the system. In Europe, the data will be accessed by a SIM card reader — european customers can often have their cards cloned. In the US, data will be accessed from a Bluetooth enabled smartphone. In addition to the traffic and nav routing, the data connection can be used for Google-searching points of interest. Expect greater search capabilities with up-to-date results, than from previous in-car systems.

All other manufacturers, please take note of this. The Germans are bringing the technology we are already familiar with and that we really want. Rollout will begin with the A6, followed by the A8, A4 and Q7.

Press Release

PALERMO, Italy, Jan. 24, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Audi AG and INRIX, the leading provider of traffic and driver services, announced Audi has selected INRIX’s XD™ Traffic to help further the company’s Audi Connect strategy with real-time traffic information for its navigation systems starting with the mid-2011 model year.  At a launch event today for the 2011 Audi A6, the automaker demonstrated how Audi vehicles connected to the Internet via Audi Online Services will use XD Traffic to provide motorists with real-time traffic information, traffic-influenced turn-by-turn directions and alerts to accidents and other incidents along their route.”Audi is continuously looking for ways to harness the benefits of the latest technologies to improve the driving experience for our customers,” said Ulrich Beeskow, Head of Development for Connected Navigation, Audi AG. “Traffic is no exception.  The combination of INRIX’s XD Traffic and Connected Services platform helps Audi become the first car manufacturer in the world to deliver a high quality and reliable connected navigation systems our customers can count on to always find the best route and avoid unforeseen delays along the way.”

“Audi and INRIX are known as technology innovators so it’s only natural that we’re collaborating on the design and delivery of a highly advanced traffic-powered navigation solution for their customers,” said Bryan Mistele, INRIX president and CEO.  “The accelerated development and integration of XD Traffic with Audi’s MMI navigation system fuels Audi navigation with the best pan-European real-time traffic information available.  Our collaboration advances the automaker’s reputation as an industry leader in bringing the latest technical breakthroughs to drivers everywhere.”

INRIX XD Traffic debuts on the new Audi MMI with Online Traffic available with today’s launch of the 2011 Audi A6.  The announcement represents the first product launch in the collaborations between Audi, INRIX and the automaker’s hardware and software suppliers to deliver real-time traffic information to Audi’s connected navigation systems.  Delivered via INRIX’s Connected Services platform, the service will be available initially in select European countries as part of an options package that includes Bluetooth mobile phone connectivity.

As a key component of a unique suite of Audi Online services, XD Traffic combines real-time traffic information from INRIX’s Smart Driver Network of more than 4 million GPS-enabled vehicles and mobile devices with insights from hundreds of public and private sources to recommend the best routes as well as provide reliable travel journey times and ETAs.  Covering major highways, motorways, city streets and secondary roads in countries across Europe and North America, XD Traffic continuously monitors traffic conditions along drivers’ routes delivering up to the minute alerts to accidents, road works and other incidents as well as recommending how to best navigate around them.


INRIX® is a leading provider of highly accurate traffic and driver services, with more than 120 customers and industry partners including the Ford Motor Company, Toyota, Audi AG, MapQuest, Microsoft, NAVIGON AG, TeleNav, I-95 Corridor Coalition, Tele Atlas, TTI, deCarta, TCS, Telmap, ANWB and ADAC. INRIX’s strategic partnerships across Europe extend the delivery of the highest quality data and broadest coverage available for personal navigation, mapping, telematics and other location-based service applications in the car, online and on mobile devices.

INRIX Traffic Services leverage sophisticated statistical analysis techniques, originally developed by Microsoft Research, to aggregate and enhance traffic-related information from hundreds of public and private sources, including traditional road sensors and the company’s unique network of more than 4 million GPS-enabled vehicles and cellular devices. INRIX delivers highly accurate real-time and historical traffic information today for 20 countries across North America and Europe. To experience the traffic technology revolution behind the next generation of navigation and location-based service applications, visit

About Audi AG

In 2010, The Audi Group sold more than 1 million Audi automobiles.  In 2009 the company achieved sales of Euro 29.8 billionan operating profit of Euro 1.6 billion. Audi produces vehicles in Ingolstadt and Neckarsulm, Gyor (Hungary), Changchun (China) and Brussels (Belgium).  Aurangabad in India saw the start of CKD production of the Audi A6 at the end of 2007 and of the Audi A4 in early October 2008. Production of the new Audi A1 has been running at the Brussels plant since May 2010. The Company is active in more than 100 markets worldwide.

AUDI AG’s wholly owned subsidiaries include AUDI HUNGARIA MOTOR Kft., Automobili Lamborghini Holding S.p.A. in Sant’Agata Bolognese (Italy) and quattro GmbH in Neckarsulm. Audi currently employs around 58,000 people worldwide, including 45,500 in Germany. Between 2010 and 2012 the Audi Group is planning to invest around Euro 5.5bn, mainly in new products, in order to sustain the Company’s technological lead embodied in its “Truth in Engineering” slogan. By 2015, Audi plans to increase the number of models in its portfolio to 42.  Complete results for the 2010 fiscal year for Audi AG will be shared at the company’s annual press conference on March 8, 2011 in Ingolstadt.

Audi’s commitment to “Truth in Engineering” has for long been true on many levels.  This extends to the company’s social responsibility efforts focused on delivering a better tomorrow for future generations. Environmental protection, resource conservation, international competitiveness and a sustainable human resources policy therefore form the procedural basis for the sustained success of Audi. The environmental commitment of AUDI AG is also reflected in the Audi Foundation for the Environment.