ICZ-R50: Sony Shows New Radio Recorder

I wasn’t really aware big electronics companies are still making portable radios, but they do. Today, Sony announced [JP] the ICZ-R50 for the Japanese market, an AM/FM radio recorder with 4GB of internal memory. Users can upgrade the memory to up to 32GB with SD/SDHC or Memory Stick Duo cards.

The ICZ-R50 is compatible to MP3/WMA files and can also be used as an over-sized voice recorder. Users can connect the radio to their computers via USB and copy files from the internal memory to memory cards (or the PC) and vice versa. The ICZ-R50 weighs 532g and comes with 0.5Wx2 speakers.

Sony plans to start selling the device in Japan on February 21 for $218, but don’t expect it to be released anywhere else anytime soon.