Impossible Software – Is This What The Future Of Video Advertising Looks Like? (TCTV)

I bumped into a cool startup in the hallways at the DLD Conference in Munich, and figured there’s only one good way to share what they’re building with you: shooting a quick video.

The name of the startup is Impossible Software, and their game is, essentially, dynamically bringing product placement to the digital video advertising industry.

Best way of learning more is by watching the video demos, really.

On a sidenote: I’ve covered upstarts that try to pull this type of video advertising off in the past, though I’ve sadly forgotten the names of those companies. I do remember that I was really critical of what they were doing, which in my view would essentially ruin much of the authenticity that makes – ok, some – user-generated videos great to watch, at least to a degree.

I’m still not so sure whether this is the future of video advertising or just the next generation of annoying video advertising, but I do think the technology behind this is very innovative.

A real eye-catcher, so to speak.