Sony's cloud-based Qriocity music service debuts in France, Germany, Italy and Spain

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Sony has just announced that Qriocity, the strangely named cloud-based digital music service it aims to rival Apple’s iTunes with, is now immediately available in France, Germany, Italy and Spain.

The service, which is apparently called “Music Unlimited powered by Qriocity” in full, made its debut in the UK and Ireland in December 2010, and provides users with access to a catalogue of millions of songs from labels like – surprise – Sony Music, Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group and EMI Music as well as several independent labels and publishers.

Users can play music any time on Sony devices like its Internet-enabled BRAVIA TV, Blu-ray Disc player, Blu-ray Disc Home Theater system, PlayStation 3 as well as VAIO and other PCs.

All existing PlayStation 3 computer entertainment systems in France, Germany, Italy and Spain will have access to Qriocity. Sony says the service will also be made available on a range of Sony’s portable devices, as well as on Sony and third-party Android-based mobile devices and ‘other portable devices’.

Qriocity isn’t free, of course – “Music Unlimited powered by Qriocity” comes in two flavors: a Basic plan (3.99 euros per month) and a Premium plan (9.99 euros per month).

The difference explained:

The Basic plan works as an infinite ad-free radio station and subscribers can listen to dozens of personalized channels – categorized by genre, era as well as mood through SensMe – without the requirement to download or manage their music files.

Additionally, the Premium subscription plan offers a one-time 30 day Premium free trial enabling users to listen in full to every song on demand, create personal playlists of favorites, and gain access to premium Top 100 channels which are regularly updated with the latest hits.

Sony earlier launched “Video On Demand powered by Qriocity” a video streaming service, in the United States in April 2010 and expanded the service to France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK in November 2010.

Sony says the video streaming service will also become available in Japan on January 26.

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  • Anonymous

    It should be free to Playstation Plus members.

    • William Tower

      Yeah or, at least, cheaper!

  • Mikejonas

    In no way does it “rival Apple’s iTunes”, it only works on a few current Sony devices. Also there is a misleading 15 Euro Voucher for new customers up on their site, small print says for the first 5k to sign up which apparently has passed already, time to take down the promo sony.

    • Neophyte

      I wonder if I missed something. At first blush, it sounds like Pandora for the rest of the world versus a rival for iTunes.

      I agree with many comments about the proposition being confusing — product outline, name and pricing.

  • Relax

    Thanks for the summary of what Qriocity is and how much it costs. I was unable to figure it out on their website – maybe it’s me, maybe it’s the product.

  • flappy

    Anyone know how to pronounce it?

    Perhaps like “curiosity”? Makes little sense in English. Can’t imagine for those in France, Germany, Italy and Spain who may not know English.

    What a marketing fumble.

  • Sajit Nair

    Amazing logo..

  • Al

    What a great name “Qriocity” as in “Curiousity” I like it.

    Founder: Al,

  • Cia

    This service is a typical DOA – Dead on Arrival.

  • IdentyMe

    the logo is really nice! and think it is pronounced like “curiousity”

    • onzo's

      yes it is, but i’ve been using it like.. 1 month ago

  • Anonymous

    No where near as good as Spotify…

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  • Anonymous

    The online video market continues to fragment with no real differentiation between services. All people really care about is having Netflix and Hulu Plus on their TV’s.

    • Anonymous

      Considering those 2 services aren’t available for 95% of the world population, I would say that’s a fallacy.

  • Anonymous

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  • Hendra

    Based on the name itself: FAIL

  • Hendra

    Based on the name itself: FAIL

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  • Anonymous

  • Laurence Moore

    how different is this to the vidzone app on the ps3 and spotify/grooveshark/we7 on the web – and i can already stream my itunes purchases to the ps3.

  • Barrywhite

    It’s RUBBISH do not use!!!

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