T-mobile Samsung Vibrant Froyo update begins today, T-mobile commits to 3-5 month Android update turn-around

There’s nothing quite like an Android update to make your day just that much better, so you T-mobile Vibrant (aka Samsung Galaxy S) owners out there are set for a great weekend, as today — January 21 — marks the day that Froyo begins to make its way onto Vibrant handsets.

As usual, the update is only rolling out starting today, meaning that it may not immediately be available to you.

T-mobile haven’t stated whether this update will come over-the-air, or arrive via Samsung’s Kies desktop software, but considering that every other Galaxy S variant has required Kies to update, it’s likely that the Vibrant will, too.

Apparently, the update was given to T-mobile back in November, but skinning, testing, and the holiday season meant it hasn’t been ready to release until now.

Further to this, T-Mobile‚Äôs Chief Marketing Officer, Cole Brodman, told PC Mag yesterday that customers demanding regular updates is a new concept to T-mobile, and that they are “going to have to step up and change the way [they] do things.”

Cole even went so far as to say that T-mobile aims to roll out future Android updates “within 3-5 months after Google makes the OS version public”, which is a great commitment to hear from a carrier.

For those that can’t remember what updates Froyo brings, you can check our post on it here. The biggest update is the JIT compiler, which should give your Vibrant a noticeable bump in speed.

[via Unwired View]