Great News: Missing Cybersecurity Expert Dancho Danchev Is No Longer Missing

A week ago, ZDNet ran a troubling story about that fact that one of its contributing bloggers, Bulgaria-native malware researcher Dancho Danchev, had gone missing since August 2010. His last blog post on ZDNet appeared on August 18, 2010, and his personal blog had last been updated three weeks later.

ZDNet stated that it had tried to contact them repeatedly, to no avail, and got in touch with Bulgarian CERT authorities to prompt an investigation into his sudden disappearance.

Well, good news: Danchev appears to be back online, safe and sound, judging by the recent activity on his Twitter account. From the looks of it, he’s already getting in touch with Larry Dignan, ZDNet Editor in Chief, as well as David Grober, Managing Editor of ZDNet Blogs.

Danchev tweets that he’ll be summarizing “everything that happened” in a blog post this weekend, although he adds that he won’t be able to disclose all details due to the sensitivity of his work. Either way, good to have you back, Dancho.