NEC's "Thermo Mirror" Measures Your Temperature Without Physical Contact

NEC subsidiary NEC Avio has developed a thermometer [JP] that measures the user’s temperature without them having to touch the device. As the world’s first device of its kind, it captures your temperature via a built-in infrared sensor and integrates a desktop mirror (hence the name “Thermo Mirror”).

All you need to do is to look at the mirror and your temperature will be measured automatically, and when it detects someone who is feverish, an alarm goes off.

For the Thermo Mirror, NEC Avio used technology the company developed for airports and similar places that identify sick travelers that way. This more affordable model is targeted at companies and organizations that want to prevent infected people from entering their buildings.

In Japan, NEC is already selling the Thermo Mirror in two versions (prices: $1,200/$1,460), but there’s no word yet from the company regarding a possible international release.

Via Kaden Watch [JP]