Hipster is location-based Q&A – call it Quora for where you are

Suddenly people are talking about Hipster.

Ok, let’s clarify that. A group of tech enthusiasts in San Francisco are talking about what Hipster might actually be, since Hipster CEO Doug Ludlow has so far refused to say what Hipster is about. And it’s producing what appears to be a case study in viral marketing.

Luckily, all this talk is producing answers and sure enough TechCrunch readers have come up with the answers in our comments.

For Hipster appears to be a Q&A site built around your current location. Let’s call it a ‘Quora for location.’ And it even looks like Quora. Check out the below screen grab from Google cache.

But more interesting is that this business already exists in the form of Loqly, a mashup of Google-powered search, local experts and real time answers. See the video below.

Indeed, even the venerable Ask.com has an iphone app based on location.