T-Mobile Posts G-Slate's Promo Page, Wants Your Email Addy

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The LG G-Slate was one of the many tablets outed at CES 2011 that caused many to simply say, “eh.” Just another tablet, right? Sure, but this might be the T-Mobile tablet so fans of the network should probably jump over to this just-launched promo page to sign up for the latest product news. (and spam)

This promo page is void of anything new per se. It simple bullet points the G-Slate’s three main features: 4G, Honeycomb, and Google Apps. Eventually though, the mobile carrier will have to announce the price, release date, and post a bunch of pretty glamor shots. Presumable this sign-up page will get you those as soon as possible. That is of course if the Internet doesn’t ruin Tmo’s fun and out the data before hand.

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