Fox Mobile Group, Now Jesta Digital, Gets A New CEO

Could a new name, CEO and parent company help breathe new life into Fox Mobile Group? Investment firm Jesta Group seems to think so. Jesta, which acquired FMG from News Corp. in late December, is renaming the mobile services company as Jesta Digital.

Of course, for now, there’s not much difference between Jesta Digital and FMG besides the name and CEO. Jason Aintabi of Jesta Group has been appointed as CEO of Jesta Digital and FMG’s COO, Mark Anderson will continue in his role as well.

Jesta Digital will operate FMG’s slew of mobile services including Jamba, Jamster, Mobizzo and iLove, as well as Bitbop, a recently launched mobile video service and entertainment platform.

Aintabi said in a release: I believe that the assets of Jesta Digital are well positioned to take advantage of the growth in mobile entertainment and the digital arenas in which we play a leading role.

It’s probably a wise move for Jesta start with a new name considering that the “Fox” part of the FMG was clearly not applicable anymore. There’s still the question of whether Jesta can turn around a division that wasn’t able to bring in any meaningful revenue.