OMG/JK: The Verizon iPhone And The End Of An Era

We’re approaching an end of an era. A time when MG Siegler, my cohost on OMG/JK, will no longer be forced to struggle with AT&T on a daily basis. Soon, he will be equipped with a phone that will actually be able to make phone calls. And Seth the Blogger Guy will be able to breathe a little easier. Because soon, MG — and millions of other people — will have the Verizon iPhone.

In case you missed this morning’s press blitz, today Verizon and Apple teamed to announce the impending launch of the iPhone on the US’s largest wireless network. Finally, after years of waiting (and countless press reports), it’s official.

It’s big, so we did a special edition of OMG/JK to mark the occasion.

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