GoSquared arrives to put the heat on Chartbeat in real-time analytics

Last year realtime analytics startup Chartbeat raised an impressive $3 million Series A financing with a glittering array of backers including Betaworks and Ron Conway. Realtime analytics of sites, especially publisher sites like TechCrunch where we use Chartbeat, is a hot space right now, since anything slower is just no longer viable. Having a realtime dashboard that shows you what stories, pages, or items are hot and where traffic is coming from, or how fast your pages are loading is crucial to just about any site today.

Chartbeat launched in launch in April, 2009, got 2,500 paying corporate customers, largely on 5 employees.

However a new upstart of just three young guys is poised to produce, I would say, at least as good a product on a fraction of the backing and resources. GoSquared provides real-time website analytics that lets you to see who’s on your website right now. It has two products: LiveStats and Trends. LiveStats gives a real-time dashboard of a site’s traffic information, while Trends stores all of this useful information and builds simple, easy to understand graphs and tables.

The new version 3 of LiveStats just went live and brings a new interface which focuses around the popularity of a site’s content. The central area shows the most popular pages; the left side shows where your traffic is coming from; and it has and has full Twitter integration so you can see who’s talking about the site in real time.

The right side of the interface shows who’s browsing your site, down to which city they are coming from, which site referred them, and every page they’ve browsed on your site. IN addition it shows which pages they’re actively viewing, and how long they’ve spent on each page.

GoSquared, founded by James Gill, James Taylor and Geoff Wagstaff, is based full-time at White Bear Yard in London, which usually means they have taken an Angel round from one of the Angels associated with the space.

Certainly site owners seem to like them as they were a finalist in The Europas in the Best European Startup Tool For Startups 2010 category.

Here’s them last year doing an elevator pitch, literally.