Spotify ties up with Logitech to stream into your Hi-Fi

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Good news for Europeans (at least in seven of Europe 44 countries) and those U.S. users (perhaps as many as 30,000) of music streaming service Spotify. In a similar deal to the one signed last year with Sonos, users will soon be able to listen to streaming Spotify music through their Logitech devices. That means being able to listen to music files stored on any computer in your home as well as Spotify, and other music services you might subscribe to. Other services which later launched with Spotify’s freemium streaming model include MOG and Rdio.

U.S. users still have to wait for Spotify to launch, of course, or find another way to access the service. This month it emerged that the U.S. launch of the service – which has become highly popular in Europe – appears to have been delayed by the demands of music labels, as we revealed in June last year.

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  • Dunk

    Sounds great but be useful to have a bit more information on how this actually works?

  • John Perkins

    I’m getting a bit tired of all the sarcasm against Spotify and its struggle to launch in the US.

    Music and movie copyright licensing is a tricky business. Even Apple had problems launching movie and tv show rentals in Europe, and now that they did, the prices are ridiculous (I don’t even think people are buying at all), so don’t be so hard on the european startup because there is no american equivalent that succeeded jumping to Europe either, and I’m sure they’re all trying too.

    If Apple had acquired Spotify, everything’d be compliments about how good their service is and blah, blah, blah…

  • Bengt Littorin

    I use spotify on my Sonos and love it. Now, with a Spotify premium, we can listen to almost everything, everyware in the house for a mothly fee.
    Spotify have totaly changed my way of consuming music. No need to own music, just rent it.

  • Hans

    I am so happy to be in Europe. I use Spotify 1-2 hours every day, and I am very happy so far.

    • Willy

      I am so happy to live in the US. I use MOG 3-4 hours every day, and I am very happy, period.

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