SMEStorage receives capital investment to let businesses move their fileserver to the cloud

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SMEStorage, which focuses on cloud data access and management, has received a capital investment from private investors – undisclosed but described as a “six figure sum” that will be used to grow the business. It also says that it achieved profitability in Q4 2010.

Targeting multiple operating systems and mobile devices, SMEStorage enables an open platform in which any of over 15 storage providers, such as Amazon S3 and Google Docs, can be accessed simultaneously with aggregated data being presented in a virtual cloud file system. In this way, individuals and businesses can move their fileserver to the cloud.

To date, 120,000 consumers and over 350 small businesses are using the platform, which includes several large US companies and one Fortune 50 company using SMEStorage’s on site Cloud Gateway aggregation appliance.

The London-based company has also announced that Dan Stone has become a shareholder and been appointed to be an advisor to the board. Stone has held senior IT management roles at Lehman Brothers, Barclays Capital and Standard Bank, having lived and worked in New York, Tokyo, London, and Prague where he is currently CIO at a “leading central European investment bank”.

While SMEStorage runs its marketing and main development offices in the UK, they also have a development team in the Ukraine.

  • Duncan McDonald

    How do you know where your data is? Regulation dictates where certain classifications of data may or may not be stored which is difficult to ascertain when your data is in the cloud so how do you remain compliant?

    • Neil Shorey

      Hi Duncan. There are various in which our platform lets you specify your data. The first is at the Cloud Provider level, where Providers let you specify locations, such as Amazon S3, then you can take advantage of this through the platform.

      The second is that we hook all file uploads through the service into a GEO location service which records for each file where files were uploaded from and where the endpoint was that accepted the upload, and in most case reside.

      Many companies throughout Europe and the rest of the world already use services such as GMail and Google Docs with no notion of where there data is actually kept.

      We will be optimising this particular part of our service moving forward so that rules can be set again folder structures with regards to location.

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  • Matthew Pearce

    Seems that this has a lot to offer consumers as well as businesses. I just played about with a free account to add my Google Docs files and RackSpace files and the free Cloud DashBoard seems pretty powerful. I’m able to work with all my files in a single file system directory.

    The iPhone client is also very fully featured. Both solutions seem almost too powerful. I would think most users will want the options dumbed down, but I guess this is not a bad problem to have.

    I’m amazed I’ve not come across this before.

    They seem to play in the same space as Gladinet if I’m not mistaken as the proposition seems similar except there seems a heck of a lot more clients here.

    Interestin,g and I think as Cloud matures we’ll see more of these data aggregation plays.

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  • John Cole

    Good stuff. Checked out the iPad app and it supports SkyDrive. It works as well (pardon my cynicism !). It’s the first skydrive client I’ve found for iPad. I’ll be checking this out further as we use SkyDrive a lot but Microsoft does a crap job of servicing us iPhone and BB users. I don’t understand why the likes Microsoft, Google etc do such a poor job with client and interop. Support.

    I’m not sure we’re ready to move our whole FileServer to the Cloud yet but I can see how a hybrid solution would provide a huge amount of benefit, and I’m interested in understanding why I’d choose this over something like Sharepoint.

  • Michaeltjones

    I just had a quick scoot around their site and found myself intrigued enough to purchase the App for my Galaxy Tab. It was limited to two free clouds with more to be bought from the website. Adding my RackSpace Cloud Files account and my MobileMe account was straight forward enough and I could do all this from the App, which is pretty sophisticated for the average user I suspect, but I like it, particularly the collaboration groups feature which is neat especially as it works across both of my accounts. I think this is what Cloud can bring, the ability to mix and mash things to provide more innovation at the service level. I think the future for such services looks promising and I think I can see one of the big boys moving into this space.

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