Glenn Beck: We Must Stand Together Against All Violence (With A Gun In Our Hands)

Apparently, right wing pundit Glenn Beck likes to stand against violence with a gun in his hands. At least that’s the impression you might get if you visit his website. One of the top three featured articles right now is his response to the Arizona shooting of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords with the reasonable quote: “We must stand together against all violence.” But if you look to the side, you might also catch a photo of Beck peeking around the corner a gun in his hands (see screenshot above). It’s as though he wants to shoot the crap out of violence. Or maybe he wants to stand together and sing Kumbaya. Will the real Glenn Beck please stand up?

If you don’t see the image right away, keep reloading the page (go ahead, don’t be scared). Different photos of Beck appear as whimsical design elements along the side of the page. There’s Beck as a teacher, a Founding Father, and gun-toting lunatic or some sort of Secret Service agent (I’m not really sure what he’s supposed to be, actually). There’s also one of him holding a boulder over his head (see below). I guess that is what he means by “stand together against all violence.”

I am assuming these juxtapositions are unintentional in the same way that contextual online ads are sometimes inappropriate. But they certainly do send a mixed message. Below are some more potential captions we came up with for this post. Please add your own headline or caption in comments:

Glenn Beck Will Teach You To Stand Together Against Violence… With His Gun
Let’s Shoot The Crap Out Of Violence.
Glenn Beck Aims To Kill Violence

(Hat tip to Anna Holmes via Dan Primack )

Update: It appears that the gun image has been removed from the site.