Live Video Sharing Company Qik Quietly Raises $6.3 Million

Qik, which enables mobile phones users to record and stream videos in realtime, has secured a little over $6.3 million in funding, an SEC filing reveals.

We’ve asked Qik for more details on the financing, but are still awaiting a response. Investors listed in the filing are (previous backer) Quest Venture Partners and Russian investment firm Almaz Capital Partners.

Last we heard from Qik was back in September when they released some usage stats, revealing that it had attracted some 3.5 million users at the time, growing at a rate of nearly 500,000 users each month. If that growth rate was accurate and has remained steady, that means Qik has about 5.5 million users today.

Qik competes with companies like Kyte,, Ustream and Bambuser.

Update: actually, Qik on its blog says it has 5 million users.

Update 2: strangely timed, a source tells The Business Insider that Skype has acquired Qik for around $100 million.