Gaming Site OMGPOP Raises $10.1 Million, Plans Acquisitions

OMGPOP, the social gaming site formerly known as iminlikewithyou, has raised $10.1 million in Series B-1 funding, we’ve been informed. The round was split between two existing investors (Spark Capital and Betaworks) and two new ones (Rho Capital and Softbank).

The New York-based startup, which started out in 2006 making multiplayer games for the web, says it will continue to pursue a multi-platform approach to social games.

OMGPOP CEO Dan Porter tells us the company is also set to pursue a number of acquisitions this year, eying the mobile and social space for smaller game developers.

The company will be opening up its website to outside developers to scale game production, Porter adds, and OMGPOP also plans to release 5 games for Facebook and the iPhone in the next 6 months.

Porter says usage is growing, too, with 50,000 new users signing up on a daily basis, and 5x growth in monthly active users (MAUs) over the last 6 months since their move to Facebook. Over 1 billion cupcakes have been served through its hit Facebook Game, Cupcake Corner.

Individual investors in the company include Digg founder Kevin Rose, Brian Pokorny and Marc Andreessen.