Floxx hits the skids as UK campuses start shutting it out

Floxx, the re-branded Fitfinder we covered recently, re-emerged after a difficult birth on the campus of a UK university after being banned as leading young mids astray from their studies.

To re-cap: Floxx allows students to “spot” attractive people in at their college and post a message about them in the hope they will get a response. Womens groups have criticised the site while supporters call it merely tongue-in-cheek.

You can post 140 character messages that describe anyone you think is “hot” that has caught your eye. With the new Floxx, you can post on a map, effectively plotting where the “fittest” (as in good looking) people have been hanging out. Kinda creepy I guess.

However, in a similar manner to Mark Zuckerberg in The Social Network (you know, the FashMash scene), Floxx is causing a stink at UK universities yet again, raising questions about whether it will take off at all.

We’ve tried out Floxx and it’s also hard to see the application – this would be better off as a mobile app – a sort of heterosexual version of Grindr perhaps. We’ll be speaking to founder soon to get their take on the progress of the site investor Doug Richard is calling “the hottest startup in the UK this year and the best investment of my life”.