Japanese iPhone 4 Sushi Cover With Sushi Glued To It

I know this is very silly, but here we go: Japan-based gadget maker Strapya World is selling some very unique iPhone 4 acessories [pre-orders can be made in English], namely the so-called “Japanese iPhone 4 Sushi Covers”. They turn your handset into a “plate of sushi”, which actually has two pieces of pretty realistic-looking (plastic) sushi glued to it.

That means you won’t be able to remove the replicas if you don’t want to destroy the case s a whole (and you have to take off the case when you want to shoot pictures). Strapya says each cover is (hand-)made in Japan, by a professional sample food maker.

If you really want to go for it, the company offers two versions in English and ships them everywhere (price for each: $44.50): one cover with Toro and Ebi on top and another model with Uni and Ikura. Remember, these will only work with the iPhone 4.