Deal Of A Lifetime: First Marriage Proposal On Groupon

It had to happen sooner or later. The mark of a truly ubiquitous social phenomenon is when somebody uses it to propose to someone else. We’ve seen marriage proposals on Twitter, Facebook, and the iPad. Now we have what appears to be the first marriage proposal on Groupon.

And what a deal it is. A guy named Greg in Cincinnati offered to marry a woman named Dana, and it only cost her $1 (total value of the deal is $999,999, which I guess is the maximum allowed on Groupon, but can you really put a price on love?). Looks like she bought it because “the deal is on.” Or else this is could be a marketing stunt—you never know with those jokers at Groupon.

The great thing is that if you click the buy button, you too can become engaged to Greg. It takes you to a page with a heart animation and the message:

Congratulations Dana or Stranger,
You are now unofficially obliged to marry Greg!

Kids today. What ever happened to romance and the pit-in-your-stomach jitters that only comes with a face-to-face proposal?