#LessAmbitiousMovies Aims To Sort Of Take Over Part Of Your Twitter Stream

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Hey you know what’s happening right now? #LessAmbitiousMovies, the craziest Twitter hashtag meme I’ve ever seen, pacing at around 200 tweets per minute. The basic premise is to tweet out the titles of popular films but watered down and less ambitious, get it?

What’s notable about the meme is a) for some inexplicable reason it is not trending and b) that since it started a couple of hours ago the hashtag has suddenly saturated my (and probably your) entire Twitter stream with hilarious faux movie titles like “Being John Stamos,”Harry Potter and the Chamber of Nothing,” and “The Devil Wears Zara.”

Maybe because it’s the first work week after the holidays and we all need to let off a little steam, but there something deeply satisfying about coming up with these. Go ahead try one.

And yeah, someone really should make posters for all the movies.

Update: It’s now trending — I’ve contacted Twitter for more information on how rapidly this is scaling as this as this seems to be the fastest growing hashtag in awhile.

Update #2: Twitter’s response at 9:14 PST, “We don’t have this info easily accessible.” I don’t blame them. In the meantime, here’s the Google Trends graph of the frequency in realtime updates including the hashtag.

And here’s some of my favorites, below:




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