Assistly Scores $3 Million More For Fast Growing SaaS Customer Service Product

Assistly, a software as a service startup that helps companies deal with customer service, formally launched just a little over three months ago. They got to that point on a $1.7 million venture round raised in early 2010. Now they’ve raised another $3 million.

Investors in this round include Bullpen Capital, Index Ventures and Kenny Van Zant, as well as existing investors True Ventures and Social Leverage.

Companies use Assistly to help them deal with customers who may be leaving comments on social networks as well as more traditional customer service paths like email, calls, etc. Part of the reason they’re using it is the way Assistly charges. They have regular per seat charging like everyone else. But they’ve also realized that customer service doesn’t usually just involve dedicated customer service staff. Other people in the organization, from the CEO on down, sometimes want or need to be involved, too. Assistly offers companies an option of paying for total usage instead of seats, so people can jump in occasionally and only be billed for time spent on the platform.

The company has hundreds of live paying customers, they say. These customers include Twitter, Vimeo, Discuss, StockTwits, Fitbit, Rdio, Grooveshark, DirecTV and CompuPay.