See What Went Popular And When With Rrrewind

Developer Roberto Martinez wanted an easy way to see what was popular on any given social content site on any given day so he built Rrrewind, which lets you see what was hot on Delicious, Digg, Hacker News, Reddit, Hulu, Yahoo Videos, YouTube, Dribbble, Flickr, Amazon and Yahoo Buzz for any day in 2010 and some in 2009.

Like a snapshot in virality or a Popurls with a history focus, Rrrewind allows you to go back in time and see an archive of the most viewed items on the Internet. Says Martinez, “It is NOT a social, local, deal related, disruptive app, just a damn useful site that let you go back in time and see what was popular on some sites. I built it because I hate to miss hot stuff on Delicious (snif), Hacker News, etc.”

Martinez has been collecting information for the site since 2009 but finally got around to building it over this holiday season. My favorite part is the sites that include visuals, like what went popular on the design community Dribbble and Flickr. It seems to be harder to aggregate the video content and the Hulu option seems to be particularly iffy.

Martinez plans on adding a calendar option (right now you can use the archives link) and more music services like iTunes and as well as Google and Twitter search trends.

As one Hacker News commenter pointed out, the theme of “This day in history” has appeared in print, then radio, then on birthday cards, then television, and now on the Internet, “If you look, you’ll find what you seek pretty much everywhere.”