The Romain Jerome Steampunk: You Know, For Steam Punks

Although the press release is gloriously ridiculous, the watch is pretty cool. RJ, maker of the Titanic watch, styled this piece on the Steampunk Meme of 2010. The watch is “steampunk” because it has little pistons, gears, and odd numerals on an otherwise bog-standard timepiece.

No price, but production is limited to 2,012 pieces.


Galvanised by the ever-growing Titanic DNA shock wave, RJ – ROMAIN JEROME has decided to enrich its collection with an explosive timepiece named Steampunk.

The new Steampunk model is born of a high-tension creative impulse and catalyses all the attributes of a devastating personality. Expressed through polished steel paws, pistons and Roman numerals, design becomes a powerful weapon of conviction in this no-holds-barred model.

The entirely dial-free Steampunk is housed within a 50 mm-diameter case providing unobstructed views of the sturdy, rigorously constructed mechanism that naturally commands respect and is held in place by four screwed-down pistons symbolising the RJ’s signature “X” motif.

Imbued with the Steampunk inspiration, the Roman XII and VI numerals are left “raw” and coloured according to the model. These vigorous aesthetic codes energise the upper bridge satin-brushed or circular-grained, depending on the model, by the watchmaking craftsmen at RJ – ROMAIN JEROME. Faithfully reflecting the inimitable Titanic-DNA style, the small seconds is distinguished by its stand-out propeller shape.

The Steampunk features an impressive ability to integrate and optimise the signature features of the DNA collection. With a bezel in stabilised [1] oxidised steel secured by four polished steel [2] claws, the Steampunk both appeals and reassures.

After a year at the helm of RJ – ROMAIN JEROME, Manuel Emch and his team are thus introducing an exceptional new model. Carved in legend and built to make history, the Steampunk combines the inventive daring and stringent demands of a passionately dedicated and uncompromising creative talent.