Skype goes down and Twitter goes insane

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Breaking: Skype appears to have has gone down. We’re trying to ascertain why and get comment from the company. However, as of this moment Skype is not working for millions of users, and the angst is playing out on Twitter right now.

Of course what’s so funny is that so many of us now use Twitter DM (direct message) and perhaps even Facebook IM as a sort of alternative “Skype-a-like” IM platform that there are now potential alternatives. It looks like for now that Skype has huge issues though – and it’s coming at a delicate time for the company as it tries to forge path independent from former owner eBay.

Update: Skype has clairified on its blog that the problem was down to the failure of “supernodes” which “act a bit like phone directories for Skype.” Many of these were taken offline by a problem affecting some versions of Skype. Its engineers are now creating new ‘mega-supernodes’ over the next few hours.

Update: Skype has posted an update saying:

  • TFP

    Except I’m on skype right now talking to my one contact who is also on skype. Everyone else though, yeah, they crashed and stuff.

    • michaux

      glad i still have a yahoo voice account, and kept paying bill to keep my phone number!

      • michaux

        No Skype in Texas USA

      • michaux

        still love skype though, have several phone in / phone out accounts and its great for small business, i use my yahoo voice once every 4 years, when skype is down!

  • AgentScribe

    It’s back up for me at 11:56 a.m. Eastern time U.S.

  • Chris

    I’m not really sure about your statement that Twitter has gone insane. Skype isn’t trending in London/UK/USA/Worldwide as of 4:55pm.

    By the headline I was expecting to see a Fail Whale as people rushed to Twitter to IM each other rather than be on Skype…

    • Amer Al-Saleh

      @chris it will be trending now Mashable and Cnet just tweeted about it give it some time

  • Dave Nattriss

    Would be helpful if your articles had timestamps on them so readers can work out when this might have occurred :-)

    • Mike Butcher

      Good point, though not my dept.

      • Soren

        Big-Company-Syndrome = “not my department”… how is the AOL integration going :-)

      • bsu2006

        I wish more people in my network used skype. FB chat is the 90% dominate form of communication here.

  • Paul

    Down for me and all my clients. I own a company that teaches English over Skype so I’m really seeing it. Luckily our schedule is light because of the holidays.

  • Paolo

    Still down for me on the West Coast…
    need it for video conference with Europe…

  • Martin

    “Of course what’s so funny is that so many of us now use Twitter DM (direct message) and perhaps even Facebook IM as a sort of alternative “Skype-a-like” IM platform that there are now potential alternatives.”

    I don’t think so.

  • Noel

    how come my friends, which are like 7km away, are talking to each other via skype right now and im still trying to login?

  • Amy

    It’s down in the UK.

    • palunao

      switzerland as well

      • Zinger

        Serbia too.

  • 30mph

    Better hit the panic button…oh, wait a sec, you already did.

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  • Mindy Hull

    working for me over in Amsterdam…

  • Lindsey G

    Their forum seems to be down as well. That said, I’ve been on a skype call for the last 2 hours. Skype to skype.

  • roger ward choir

    Unable to login and/or call the skype test call here.

  • Kristopher Chavez

    I had no idea how much we relied on skype for day-to-day. I am going to start looking into a backup for instances like this. We’ve lost 2 hours of productivity so far.

    • anand

      I agree with Mr. Kristopher Chavez. I am waiting for 2 hours now. I have to call my client in USA & Canada and I can’t do that because I use only skype to make international calls. :(

  • WRJ

    As an alternative to Skype, try ( if you’re in the US. Pick up your phone, dial a local number, make unlmited, free 10 minute calls to over 50 countries, landlines primarily. From your mobile just dial 1646 500 8620. Easy, no brainer….

  • FullyPaidSkypeSubscriber

    I’m a Skype Out customer spending $400 each month. I’m not complaaining because it doesn’t happen often, and there’s a perfectly good alternative, its called the telephone. TechCrunch, please stop reporting every online service breakdown like its a violation of our human rights. Technology fails, just like people.

    • Kristopher Chavez

      We are also a paid skype subscriber – I use it for the IM function mostly however – so the telephone doesn’t solve my problem. I’m sure they will get it back up soon. I love skype and think it’s a great product.

  • San Francisco

    Skype’s been down all morning for me on the West Coast. But like someone else said earlier, it’s not like I can’t just pick up the telephone and do business the old fashioned way or communicate by email.

    If you’re so reliant on Skype that your business goes offline when Skype goes down, you need to re-evaluate how you’re doing things (IMO).

  • Michael

    Down at 12:53 EST, been down for over an hour.

  • Arturo

    not usually one to critique articles on TC but this whole statement is very silly and should be retracted:

    Of course what’s so funny is that so many of us now use Twitter DM (direct message) and perhaps even Facebook IM as a sort of alternative “Skype-a-like” IM platform that there are now potential alternatives.

    1. Better alternatives existed long ago in the days when ICQ and AIM were dominant. They included things like file transfer.

    2. These web-based clients you mention do not allow long chats (in the case of Twitter), file transfers, calls or video calls so how are they exactly alternatives? Because they do real-time IM? Maybe IRC private msg is a Skype alternative too then?

    My company is spread across 3 countries and we are hoping Skype comes up ASAP so we can get back to business as usual. In the meantime, we are using Gtalk.

  • dave

    Anyone agree this might have to do with the IPO of Skype. Of the MIllions of users less than 10% actually use the pay service. These types of forums will only drive up the IPO price

  • Federica

    Many problems in Italy too….just a post in Italy:

    In this news, the author explain different problems based on different versions….so if you use google traslate you can read it very easy.


    Federica ( Italy )

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  • Raaaaajesh

    Skype not working for me more then 2hrs. why its happen? ebay not good now?

  • Offbeatmammal

    ouch! poor Skype. especially with competition from things like Google Voice getting stronger (ChromeOS for instance seems to have it baked in, but no skype option yet…)

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